Quick Facts - Field Placement

Possible Dates



2-4 weeks


We ask all students to cover their own expenses.


Your Role

Using computers is an important part of our daily work at the office. To improve the efficiency of our work, we try to use software that makes our work easier. But we are in constant need of support in increasing and improving the work we do with computers. You can help us improve our IT skills. Help our staff members to improve their computer skills and help us find software that makes our work easier. We appreciate any help we can get from you!

What will you be doing?

You will be working closely together with our office staff. With your help we want to locate inefficencies and develop ideas how we can use computers more efficiently in our daily work. With your advice we want to make our work more professional and more efficient. Actively assist our staff or train us to improve the work we do. Research potential software that could help us take the next step towards increasing the work we can do on the computer.


Working & Living with us

SERVE wants all volunteers to have a pleasant experience during their service to the local communities. We will provide you with airport transportation, simple accomodation and local food. One of our staff members will pick you up from the airport and take you to our volunteer accomodation located in the south of Colombo. We employ women from the local community to prepare delicious Sri Lankan food during your stay. 

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