Accomodation and Food

SERVE will provide you with simple accommodation during your stay. The accommodation is located close to our office. In our volunteer house you will share a room with a fellow volunteer. We will provide you with three meals a day. From our women empowerment programme we employ staff to prepare local food for you. If you are vegetarian or have any special requirements like allergies, please inform us in advance.


At SERVE we ask our volunteers and students to cover their own expenses by paying a weekly or monthly contribution. This will include your transfer from and to the airport, accommodation and food. We do not make any profit of your contribution. We ensure that the majority of your contribution flows back into the communities by employing local staff.

Get in touch with us what the cost of accomodation and board is for your stay! 

We make it compulsory for all our volunteers to fundraise for our work in the community. We ask all volunteers to select a personal project and create a fundraising campaign for that cause. Our team will support you in identifying and creating your personal project. You will have a mentor, a detailed manual and some pre-prepared materials that will help you. With your crowdfunding campaign you will finance your personal project that will have a lasting impact on the community you have been supporting.


Safety & Policies

Your safety is our highest priority. Our office and programmes are located in a residential area in the southern suburbs of Colombo. We only allow volunteers to stay in our provided accommodation where we can guarantee your safety. One of our team members will meet you at the airport and bring you to the provided accommodation. She/he will introduce you to the neighbourhood and will be your local contact for any problems or questions. 

SERVE follows a number of policies to ensure that our work is in accordance to the highest standards. All students and volunteers have to sign our child protection policy. Our staff will inform you about other policies and we ask all volunteers to follow our policies. This includes dressing adequately and respecting the local traditions and customs. We ask our volunteers to follow our advice for us to ensure your safety. 

Visa & Traveling

We make it compulsory for all volunteers and students to have health insurance that covers local medical expenses. We reccomend to check the Visa requirements well in advance and communicate the progress of the application with us. We will provide you with the required assitance for the visa application process.

Most of the local travel can be done by public transport. Busses and trains run past the office and accomodation regularly. Taxis and TukTuks are also an option for covering short distances. Apps like Uber and local competitors like PickMe make traveling around convenient.

SERVE encourages volunteers to explore the country and learn about our culture. We will support you in planning a safe trip and provide local contacts for emergencies.

Interested to visit SERVE?

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Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Moratuwa is a suburb situated 20km south of Colombo City. Our lodging facility is located close to the railway station and the bus-stand is nearby. There are several supermarkets and local restaurants within walking distance.

Our Head Office is located at No 24, Uswatte Circular Road, Moratuwa 10400, Sri Lanka

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