Strengthening Policy and Legal framework to safeguard the rights of children of mothers in prison through advocacy.


85 imprisoned mothers and 295 children in 14 Prisons in all parts of Sri Lanka living in the prison, visiting for Court hearing or living with relatives in their communities.

Project Description

For many years SERVE has been supporting convicted mothers, their children and prison staff all over Sri Lanka. SERVE provides children with:

  • Play and Preschool education
  • Provision of a nutritious snack
  • Provision of basic day today items such as clothes , toiletries etc
  • Scholarship for children living separated from their mother and living with their families in community
  • Creation of Child Friendly spaces within Prison environment

SERVE provides mothers with:

  • Skill Development & Income Generation Activities
  • Facilitate reintegration in to society on release
  • Half way home” on release for mothers leaving prison with children


SERVE supports the prison staff with:

Awareness and knowledge enhancement on Child Rights, Child Psychology, Women’s Rights and  handling of Prisoners

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