Sapala - Child Focused Community Development


To facilitate the socio economic & political empowerment of children and families to ensure the fulfillment of rights of children.


Sapala was implemented and operated by SERVE from 2009 until 2014.

Activities for Parents

  • Establishment of cluster level associations
  • Establishment of a federation
  • Formation and conduction of self help groups for women
  1. Providing module training for effective and efficient management of SHGs
  2. Sensitization on relevant topics
  3. Savings and loans
  4. Community activities
Group picture of Sapala Children in Sri Lanka
Children made a kite during Sapala Project

Activities for Children

  • Self study & Library Facilities
  • Assistance with studies
  • Guidance psycho social problems
  • Sensitization programmes
  • Children’s clubs
  • Indoor & outdoor recreational activities
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