• Since our humble beginning in 1999, SERVE has expanded its services to cover selected communities / locations in the Districts of Colombo, Kalutara, Monaragala and Kurunagala.
  • Due to the growing demand as well as the limitations of funding now we are compelled to seek the additional support of family, friends and well wishers to continue and further strengthen our work.
    Our Main Projects and activities for 2017 are:
   01. Child Resource Centers & Child Focus                  Community Development
  • Resources Centers for Children which include libraries.
  • Indoor & outdoor games.
  • Support for education.
  • Children’s clubs.
  • Awareness programmes for children & families.
 Colombo,Kalutara &
Moneragala Districts
      Sponsor a child’s education, recreation and evening              safety through SERVE community centers.
(For a Month LKR 2,000/=)

Sponsor a Teacher for a Community Centre
(For a Month LKR 16,000/= for a Week LKR 4,000/=)

Sponsor a school / community Social Worker
(For a Month LKR 40,000/= for a Week LKR 10,000/=)

   02. School Social Work
  • Guidance and counselling for students.
  • Awareness programmes and linking with resources for students,
    school staff, parents, and community.
 Colombo,Kalutara &
Kurunegala Districts
  Sponsor a school / Social Worker
(For a Month LKR 40,000/= for a Week LKR 10,000/=)
   03. Computer Literacy
  • Computer skills for pre & school going children.
 Colombo,Kalutara Districts               Additional Resource Personnel / Teacher
(For a Month LKR 30,000/= for a Week LKR 7,500/=)
   04. Field Placement for local and international social work students
  • Facilitate placements for social work students.
  • Facilitate food and lodging.
  • Provide supervision, guidance and technical support.
 Mainly Colombo and Kalutara Districts.  Students to carry out field placements
Affiliations and Links to Universities
   05. Volunteer opportunities for local and internationals
  • Teaching languages, handcraft, music and recreational activities.
  • Fund raising.
 Mainly Colombo and Kalutara Districts.   Volunteers with a passion
who are willing to spend their time and resources.

You may send a cheque in favour of “SERVE” and post to 24, Uswatta Circular Road, Moratuwa or pay online using our partner AidCamps International who transfer
all funds to us directly.

For more details, please email to or

We thank you for taking the time to read this and look forward to your kind support in helping the most needy and marginalised to help themselves and enjoy their rights.


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